A Smoke Free NZ - This is How we can save Millions of Children's Lives!

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Solution to a Smoke Free NZ

With the following Law changes, NZ could be the first Country in the World to achieve a Society free from Nicotine Addiction, its' subsequent effects on the Public Health System and the lives and well-being of the New Zealand People and their Families caught up in the vicious cycle of this poisonous Drug.

The proposed Law changes are as follows:

A): Make it illegal for Businesses to sell Cigarettes to any Person who reaches the age of 18 years on or after the 1st January 2020.

We know cigarette smoking is detrimental to our health and offers no benefit to somebody who doesn't smoke. So why then are we still offering this drug to our kids who do not yet smoke?

If we set a cut off date then we can effectively diminish cigarette smoking for future generations - our children and their children's children.

If you are already a Smoker you will not be effected by the law change(unless you are under the age of 18 - which is illegal anyway).
This means that smokers can continue to smoke for the rest of their lives because they already live with the addiction. The law change will only stop future generations from buying cigarettes and becoming addicted to nicotine.

B): Tougher penalties for Businesses that break the aforementioned Law.

This law change aids in the overall effectiveness of the first law change.

C): Stop the Price increases on the Sale of Tobacco (as the NZ Govt has already admitted that the Revenue gathered in Tobacco Taxes already exceed the Health costs of Smoking).

The Tax increases on Tobacco Products seem to be increasing the amount of burglaries and crime directly associated with these items - creating a Black-Market and the Governments solution of placing floodlights in the areas where Tobacco is sold does not address the real issue which is that many New Zealander's simply cannot afford to purchase Tobacco legally and are looking for cheaper alternatives to feed their Nicotine habit.
Nicotine is an extremely addictive drug and the tax increases on Tobacco are becoming a huge financial burden on Smokers and their families because Smokers are still buying Tobacco despite the rising costs. This ultimately reduces their standard of living because they have less money to spend on bare essentials such as food, clothing and housing for themselves and their children.

Impacts of these Law changes:

If you are 18 years of age before 1st January 2020 (or introduction date of Law changes) and a Smoker then you can still purchase Tobacco Legally for the rest of your life if you so desired.
No more Tax increases on Tobacco products.
Improved access to Treatments for Nicotine Addiction, ie Pharmaceuticals, Counseling etc.
Reduced costs to the Public Health System over time as Population ages saving Tax Payer Dollars which can be used beneficially elsewhere.
Reduced Crime associated with Tobacco Products.
Move closer towards a Smoke free Society.


The first Law change could be implemented into society using something as simple as a code added to the NZ Drivers License easily distinguishing eligible and non-eligible persons from purchasing tobacco products.

Use the current excess Revenues gathered in Tobacco Taxes to fund:

Education on Nicotine Addiction - implemented into the Curriculum of the Public School System targeting Children before they reach the high risk age of taking up smoking ie. 13 years.

Media Campaigns such as T.V. Commercials, Social Media and Radio that increase the awareness of the dangers of Nicotine Addiction.

Research and Development of an effective cure for, or positive treatment of Nicotine Addiction.

Reasons why these Law changes are not likely to create a Black Market for Tobacco Products:

Smoking wont be illegal for anyone who is above the legal age and already smokes. They can still purchase Tobacco Legally for the rest of their lives if so desired. These Law changes are about deterring future generations (our Children) from Smoking.

Smoking provides no value to someone that does not smoke. Glamorization of smoking using young movie stars in today's Cinemas releases are brainwashing our youth into a lifetime of Nicotine addiction. It's about Educating our youth and instilling in them a strong awareness of the dangers of smoking. If you remove the desire to smoke then you remove the market for the Drug. If the Education and awareness of Nicotine Addiction are implemented effectively then there should be an equally diminished desire from future generations to take up the habit.

Tougher penalties for illegal Tobacco Importing could make it not worth the profit it could be sold for here in NZ.

The implementation of large-scale Tobacco Growing/Manufacturing most-likely not viable as would require large outlay of space and equipment to reproduce and not easily done under the radar.

A halt in Tax increases or a reduction in Tax on Tobacco Products making them more affordable for Smokers would reduce the need to purchase or source them illegally elsewhere.


The detrimental effects of Nicotine Addiction on our Nations Health and Financial well-being are well known to most of the population yet we still allow our Children to become enslaved by the Drug? It doesn't make sense. If we are truly committed to becoming a Smoke free nation we would not allow our Children to become addicted in the first place. Cutting off the supply to our Nations Youth can help assure future generations of New Zealander's are free from the physical, financial and social burdens associated with Nicotine Addiction.