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To get a bill passed that would offer Arizona the tax incentive to make movies here!

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I hope and have faith in God that if we can get this bill past we can make Arizona thrive in so many ways it will open up opportunities for jobs and bring back revenue to all of Arizona for us to build greater things and get people hope and work together as a big family and as a community this will help the film industry bring great business to Arizona because Arizona is a wonderful and great place where movies were made before and now it's time to bring Arizona back where it should have be as the Oasis paradise we all know it can be but now its the time to make this a reality I hope all of you and everyone who believe in this project will back me and everyone else up to get this bill past so we can make films movies and TVs with meaning and with Spiritual meanings and morals, always putting God first in everything we all do, let our words and our hearts show for our love for our fellow man and woman by our actions!