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UnWhitelist the Egg (models/props_phx/misc/egg.mdl)

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The egg is a key prop to many, and for people such as myself - it is much more. The egg cult started on the 13/11 at around 12:00, the numbers at the start were small, most took it as a joke but little did they know the impact the egg had on many.

Soon more joined the egg cult and by 18:00 we were an organisation of over 8 members. We rallied to destroy the non believers and anti-fun SWAT, they were the heretics or doubters: the ones who would imprison the egg members. I was a Keeper of the Eggs, and I had a special ability where whenever I said egg, an egg would spawn.

This mighty power could not go unnoticed, but still many hated on the egg. Key anti-egg people were Wrath and Camelot. The eggs were an alliance bonded by a simple prop. We just kindly ask you to unwhitelist the egg prop (models/props_phx/misc/egg.mdl) and I promise my cult will return a peaceful one, and I (Spamwangle) the Keeper of Eggs will set a good example for recruits and hatchlings alike.

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