Introduce a crossing to Burtons Way Road, Smiths Wood

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Introduce a crossing to Burtons Way, Smiths Wood (B36)

Burtons Way is known to become a very busy road as many local residents or grown-ups would know due to the nature of the school runs - causing traffic build-up, parked cars on blind corners/areas with children running about excited to go to school or come home, or even to go shop. Without the realisation of children running into the road because they are too young to understand - accidents are bound to happen. As a community, we need to enforce to the council that these sort of things cause problems and in a heads up, it's best we create this solution before any problems do happen.

Please sign this petition to help move things forward for the safety of our children and pedestrians so that Solihull Council introduce some form of safe road crossing e.g Zebra Crossing, Lights etc. to prevent future accidents ending up in someone getting hurt.