SOLIDARITY WITH JACKIE WALKER! Follow due process, stop the witch hunt!

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Solidarity with Jackie Walker- British anti-Zionist, anti-racist socialist!

The British Labour Party have faced false accusations of anti-semitism since Jeremy Corbyn began campaigning to be their leader in 2015. Ahead of local elections in Britain in May, these attacks are becoming stronger and uglier by the hour.

Jackie Walker is a lifelong anti-racist and socialist activist. She is black and jewish. She is an active member of Jewish non-Zionist, left-wing groups and ex-Vice Chair of Momentum. She has already been suspended from the Labour Party twice after fake allegations of anti-semitism, and she has now become the target of a media witch-hunt.

On March 26, 2018, the British Board of Deputies published a list of preconditions for a meeting with Corbyn, including the demand that Corbyn remove Jackie Walker from the British Labour Party. Since then, there has been a non-stop campaign of vilification and public abuse on every form of media demonising Jackie Walker and calling for her removal from the Party without due process or regard for justice. This situation is continuing.

We the undersigned: 

  • are in solidarity with Jackie Walker and we demand putting an end to all unjust accusations
  • ask for due legal process to deal with Jackie Walker’s suspension 
  • demand to stop the blatant tactics of using anti-semitism allegations as means of a political agenda
  • call upon the British media to show balance in their reporting


(If you wish to see you or your organisation listed below, please contact the owner of this account. )



  • Jüdisch-Palästinensische Dialoggruppe (Jewish-Palestinian dialogue group), München/Munich, Germany
  • Jüdische Stimme für einen gerechten Frieden in Nahost (Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East), Berlin, Germany
  • Palästinakomittee (Palestine Solidarity Committee), Stuttgart, Germany
  • Projekt Kritische Aufklärung (Project for a critical enlightenment), Berlin, Germany      
  • Jewish Antifa Berlin, Berlin, Germany 
  • „Boycott! Supporting the Palestinian BDS Call from Within“, Israel
  • BDS Berlin, Germany
  • BDS Initiative Oldenburg, Germany
  • BDS Bonn, Germany


  • Prof. Ilan Pappe, Exeter, Great Britain
  • Esther Bejarano, musician, anti-fascist and Shoah survivor, Hamburg, Germany
  • Tali Shapira, activist, Israel
  • Ofra Ben-Artzi, Israel
  • Raymond Deane, composer and musician, Ireland/ Germany
  • Uri Davis, Israel
  • Kelvin Bland, RIBA, Israel
  • Rolf Becker, unionist and actor, Hamburg, Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Rolf Verleger, Lübeck, Germany
  • Ronnie Barkan, dissident and Anti-Apartheid acitivist, Israeli citizen residing in Berlin, Germany
  • Phil Butland, vice-chair of DIE LINKE Internationals, Berlin, Germany
  • Eleonora Roldán-Mendivíl, political scientist, Berlin, Germany
  • Heinz Assenmacher, Bonn, German
  • Jonathan Ofir, violinist and conductor, Israeli citizen residing in Kopenhagen, Denmark
  • Marco Van Jura, student and activist, Vienna, Austria
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Bandelt, Hamburg, Germany
  • Eyal Sivan, filmmaker, Israel
  • Revital Sella, translator, Israel
  • Ofer Neiman, Israel
  • Danielle Ravitzki, artist and activist, Israel
  • Judith Bernstein, München, Germany
  • Dr. Reiner Bernstein, München, Germany
  • Shir Hever, economist, Israeli citizen residing in Germany
  • Christoph Glanz, human rights activist, Oldenburg, Germany


For more information go to: /content/jeremy-corbyn-must-stop-pandering-labours-israel-lobby/23731 /2017/01/lobby-episode-2-training-session-170112085805744.html

(If you wish to see you or your organisation listed above, please contact the owner of this account. )