Solar Victoria Rebate causing huge economic loss for Victorian businesses.

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Peter Leeson
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In August 2018 the Andrews government announced a $2,225 rebate and further $2,225 4 year interest free loan for Victorian households to install a solar power system on Victorian homes. The Victorian Solar Industry support the Andrews government in their endeavour to increase behind the meter renewable energy generation which will lower electricity costs and reduce the states carbon emissions. The implementation of the Solar Victoria rebate and loan however has created significant impact on Victorian solar retailer and installation companies as only 3333 rebates are released each month, this has caused many business to terminate full time employees and possibly close businesses. We ask that Solar Victoria and the Andrews Government consider the below changes to the rebate scheme criteria as we believe that this will not only create economic stimulation to the solar industry but also improve occupational health and safety within the industry, better sales tactics of unscrupulous retailers and improve the quality of products and installation to the lower end of the market. 

We want a reduction in the eligibility of maximum household income from $180,000 per year to $90,000 per year. Prior to the Victorian Solar Homes rebate more than 40,000 Victorian households were installing solar per year with likely the majority of these installation for household incomes higher than $90,000 per year. We believe that the reduction in household income will mean that the households with an average income greater than $90,000 per year will continue to install solar power systems at the same rate as prior to the rebate being announced and we would therefore see greater stimulation to the Victorian solar market.

This reduction would create greater opportunity for low income households to install a solar power system and reduce the ongoing cost of electricity. The lower income houses would generally be purchasing cheaper systems using lower quality components and a lack of safety systems when installing. As Solar Victoria has a strong focus on quality and safety auditing we believe that this rebate will not only provide benefit to those that need it most but also target the sector of the solar industry that requires the most improvement in relation to sales tactics, safety and quality.