Stop Promoting LGBTQ Clubs in Schools

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We need to make Solanco High School in Lancaster, PA a place used for an educational facility. A high school isn't a place to promote sexual orientation and doing so is distracting the student body. We should not be promoting who we are sexually attracted to no matter what you are. Last year our school was forced to sit and listen to the leader of the club talk everyday for a week in our lunch periods about the history and how they are bullied and things along the lines of gays needing to fit in and feel secure. At the same time they're wanting to fit in they are also separating themselves by giving a speech and making them selves stand out. Other clubs would not be allowed to promote themselves this way. We should not promote any type of sexual attraction or orientation in an educational facility, this will allow our students to focus more on learning rather than relationships and promoting that they are gay.  

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