Solana Beach Residents Opposed to the Lomas Roundabout Plan

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The plan to improve Lomas Santa Fe east of the 5 is appreciated by the citizens of Solana Beach. We need a highway that incorporates the ability for cars to move freely from east to west as well as safe use by pedestrians and cyclists. The striping plans allow for car throughfare on this important highway as well as protected lanes for cyclists and pedestrians. The roundabout plan calls for 4 roundabouts between Highland and Via Mil Cumbres with one lane of traffic in the roundabouts. This will create extreme slowing on Lomas, sending frustrated drivers down our residential streets and endangering our children and pets. In addition, having cyclists repeatedly mixing in and out of the car traffic in the roundabouts 4 times is extremely dangerous for the cyclists and bound to cause injuries. We feel the roundabout plan is deeply flawed and not the correct choice to meet the needs of the citizens of Solana Beach.