Lead Bangladesh towards an Anti-Authoritarian Future

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Bangladesh is in dire distress today. The state has declared a quasi-war on peaceful protesters that has to lead to the serious injury of many minors, journalists, activists, adolescents, and adults. A globally renowned photojournalist, Shahidul Alam was also recently jailed for speaking his mind on international media and those with less international clout are faring much worse.

As such, we implore Sohel Taj to lead Bangladesh through these tough times.

Mr. Taj may not have declared candidacy, but the time demands him and we trust him until he does something to break his Anti-authoritarian promises for Bangladesh.

Based on his message of Anti-authoritarianism recently posted on his verified Facebook page, we support his candidacy as the leader of our country through these troubled times.

Until we have reason to believe that he has done anything that makes him an authoritarian by his own definition provided in his checklist, we fully support the idea that he should lead our country at this time, through any means necessary.

Until he contradicts himself on anti-authoritarianism, we want Sohel Taj as our leader for a new future of freedom, justice and peace.

Who is Sohel Taj?


Sohel Taj (born 5 January 1970) is a Bangladeshi politician and former State Minister for Home Affairs. He is the son of Bangladesh's first Prime Minister Tajuddin Ahmad. He is an alum of American University in Washington D.C

Leadership and Political Experience


Member of Parliament, 2001-06.

-----> Responsibilities: Member, Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Youth and Sports. 

Member of Parliament, 2008-2009

-----> Responsibilities: State Minister for Home Affairs. 

Represented the Government of Bangladesh at the Pacific Area Special Operations Conference held in Hawaii.

Member, Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs.

He resigned from Bangladesh's parliament, where he had represented the constituency of Gazipur-4 (Kapasia), on 23 April 2012.