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Should Tommy Robinson be charged for inciting Hatred & Violence towards Muslims?

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The terrorist attack on Finsbury Park Muslims has probably shocked the Nation that a none Muslims can also be terrorists. It's brought into focus how the effects of drip drip misinformation and demonising of an entire religion can lead to tragic consequences. It's done more than that though, in the social media, it's given voice to those who would seek to justify such attacks as revenge. That section of community believing that those people mowed down on the street had something to do with terrorism just by being Muslim. The link to terrorism of all Muslims being condoned and perpetuated is by prominent people such as Tommy Robinson and Paul Golding and their lesser sidekicks.
Immediately after the recent attack, Tommy Robinson's emphasis was not on the innocent victims but justification for the attack by alleging the mosque was hotbed of terrorism. He has gone on record as to encourage vigilante action against 'the Islamic problem( i.e. the Muslims)". He was even ignorant enough to call recent Pakistan cricket supporters waving Pakistan flags in celebration of a cup victory as an ISIS invasion. Such preaching of hate against the Muslims of the United Kingdom is incitement to violence against them will inevitably lead to more attacks on Muslims because people are inspired by him.
The hate preachers such Abu Qatada, Captain Hook, Anjum Choudhry and Tommy Robinson and Paul Golding are two sides of the same coin, they all preach hate and encourage violence against the innocent. We demand that the same rules are applied to promotion of hate speech by Tommy Robinson and Paul Golding as any other hate preacher promoting and glorifying terrorism.

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