Get Softube to partner with Plugin Alliance for Console 1-compatible software

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Swedish audio software company Softube has a great piece of hardware called Console 1. It allows for dedicated control of channel strip plugins, to give an authentic 'analogue' mixing feel, while remaining entirely in-the-box. Those who own this controller will most likely tell you how great it is to use, and how it has changed their approach to mixing.

Console 1 is has over 70 compatible plugins from both their own catalogue, and from Universal Audio's as well. Both companies produce extraordinary software that helps producers, mixing engineers and artists achieve astounding quality with their tracks. However, Softube and Universal Audio are just two companies out of dozens and dozens who create plugins and audio software for us to choose between. As is often the case, those of us who are consumers of the audio plugin market will generally have favourite companies whose plugins we choose to purchase over others.

That being said, our industry has never had a product quite like Console 1. Softube has managed to create a unique ecosystem, where their hardware controls compatible plugins straight out of the box, with no MIDI mapping required. Many mixing engineers see this product and think of it as something they'd like to get their hands on.

However, if something was to hold them back from purchasing one, it would most likely be the issue of compatible software. Somebody who already owns hundreds, if not thousands of dollars worth of plugins from a company that isn't Softube, is not likely to purchase the Console 1. This is because they see that they would have to invest in a whole new library of expensive software, that often are different versions of plugins they already have. To partake in the ecosystem of Console 1 is often to let go of their non-compatible EQ, dynamic and channel strip plugins.

If Softube were to open the doors for other companies to make their software compatible with Console 1, it would almost definitely lead to the increase in sales of their hardware. And while I understand that Softube doesn't want to deter from the sales of their software, they're already not likely to sell their SSL plugin to someone who owns an SSL plugin from another company (as an example).

One company who has confirmed their interest in working with Softube and Console 1 is Plugin Alliance. It's to my understanding that Dirk Ulrich - owner of Plugin Alliance - has reached out to Softube about this opportunity previously and considers Torsten and Oscar of Softube his friends. With a library of plugins that match the quality of Softube's, Plugin Alliance is the perfect choice of company to test the waters with, after the success of their partnership with UA. I've heard subscribers of PA's Mega Bundle announce they would "buy [a Console 1] in a heartbeat" if their plugins were compatible.

We ask that Softube give Dirk's offer some more consideration, as a partnership between the two companies with software for Console 1 would bring a long list of benefits, including increase of Console 1 hardware sales, happier clients of both companies, and would set a good example for other audio software companies on how to work with each other, rather than against.