Request for Softros company to develop a server client for LAN messenger

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Softros LAN messenger is an office chat app for messaging in a local network.

During the latest pandemic situation our office was closed and my coworkers were sent home to remote work. We actually use LAN messenger software for chats and communicating in the office and it is a simple task. As our tech administrator said, it doesn't work from home because it need a server version.

As I know this app has a lot of users and it will be great option to keep messaging from home. Some individuals already sent emails to Softros Systems, requesting to release server version of client but without success. I hope that we, the whole LAN messenger users, will have more success by putting all our efforts together.

So, by signing this petition, we ask that Softros Systems releases the server client version to support us during Covid 19 lockdown. Users can continue to use the app at home and improve it.

Thanks for signing this petition!


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