Terminate the abusive managers & better anti-oppression policy at SOFTMOC SHOES

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I had to quit because I subject to vicious racism by the managers and filed a formal complaint but no substantive action was taken by the company.  and   use their authority to manipulate and abuse employees. THEY NEED TO BE FIRED. They talk down to all their part-timers in front of them and to other employees. threatened to "yank my weave out", called me names like bimbo and used inappropriate language CONSTANTLY.  humiliated in front of customers and sent me home early as punishment. These are only a few examples of the racially-charged abuse I encountered. After reporting this to head office, they did some 'investigation' but never followed up with me on the results but the 2 that abused me are still employed at the same store. I was also informed that I was no longer allowed to enter the store even though I had done nothing wrong. I want SOFTMOC to take accountability in how they enable systemic oppression. They need to do right thing by firing these women and by enacting substantial anti-oppression training in all their stores.