Put Eli Pompadour in the next JoJo game as a skin for Josuke.

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Fans of JoJo often coincide with a lot of major Facebook groups comprised of JoJo fans. Among those groups is JoJo Hell, and of the admins AND the most popular people is a very fabulous and dashing gentleman who goes by the name Eli Pompadour.

Eli sports his namesake pompadour and signature glasses often accompanied with some form of alcohol. He has done a lot for the JoJo community, namely in memes and we felt that it was at least deserving of his own character in the next JoJo game. But of course we have to compromise, so instead we elected to have him in as a skin. Which in my opinion is more than fair. Of course, you will have to pay him compensation for his IP that is himself, but don't worry. Having him in will only maximize your profits as a total of over 28000 people will be morally obligated to buy your game now.

So in short, make Eli Pompadour a skin in your next JoJo game to maximize your profits as he is basically the mascot of the JoJo facebook community.