Raw milk sales are at risk and we need your HELP!

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Raw milk sales are at risk and we need your HELP!

Time Sensitive: Comments Required by March 2nd

The current Milk and Dairy Rule Chapter 217 is full of cumbersome rules and regulations for dairies across Texas. The state has opened-up a forum where your opinions can be heard as they work to revamp Chapter 217.

As I have mentioned in prior Facebook posts there are forty to forty-five (40-45) raw milk dairies in the state and many of these are goat dairies not cow dairies. Dairy farmers are few in the state but you the consumer of raw milk are many. The Waldo Way, believes that the state should hear from their real “stakeholders” ah, those consumers who actually want to purchase and consume real raw milk products.

How can I help? Please agree, copy, and paste the below Waldo Way position on Facebook and also email the state to: Sofia.Stifflemire@dshs.texas.gov and Rod.Moline@dshs.texas.gov

Please know that your personal comments are welcomed on Facebook and we will be happy to present those to the state.

The Waldo Way appreciates your loyal support and your constant prayers. Below are the items we are presenting to the state but please feel free to add your thoughts to our list.


1. Make raw milk legal to sell in retail markets (Sprouts, Natural Grocers, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Granary, HEB, etc.) as other progressive states do. States that sell raw milk in retail markets include: Washington, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Idaho. This would make raw milk much more accessible for most. (This welcomed change would not prevent you from going to your local raw milk diaries if you choose).

2. Texas has some of the strictest regulations for raw milk. One is the Coliform requirements which are currently ten (10). This number should be 50 which is similar to other states.

3. Reduce the number of expensive redundant licenses for raw milk dairy farms. Our farm must pay for a minimum of four (4 licenses). These licenses are overlapping and are merely a taxation on the dairy farmer. These unnecessary licenses are cost prohibitive for most diaries.

4. Allow raw milk to be delivered to individual homes or sold off the farm.

5. Inspectors should show respect for personal time of dairy farmers. Inspectors can appear unannounced and demand your attention to them as they comb through your personal property. As many of you know, we are a small real working farm. Typically we are tending to animals who need us more than an inspector just trying to find something like one fly. This must be addressed.

6. Raw milk dairy farms should have the right to ship milk to the doors of their consumers.

We feel these are simple straightforward requests. Waldo Way supporters have a golden opportunity in making your voices heard. Dairy farmers are very few so we do not get much time or attention. However, you the consumer can have a big loud voice that could make some important changes.

Texas is going to revise the milk regulations. With your voice these changes could be in a positive direction for all. But without your voice they could completely shut raw milk dairies down in the state. Yes, it is our understanding that John Hellerstedt (commissioner) wants to eliminate the ability for Texans to buy raw milk, anywhere.

We have always appreciated your support and we look forward to your responses.
Blessings of great abundance,

Ris and Trenton~

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