Sociology dissertation deadline extension.

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We as Final Year Students associated with the Sociology department in the University of Warwick would like to ask you to extend the deadline for the essays and the dissertation, and if that is not possible, make it easier for people to apply for either essay extension or mitigating circumstances.

Firstly, we would like to say that we are in full solidarity with all our administrative and academic staff striking in the UCU industrial action. We would just like there to be a consideration for disruption caused to final year progression through term 2, especially in terms of receiving help for their dissertation. We as Final year student's see our dissertations as on-going projects which require supervision and due to the industrial action, this has not been the case. Most of us agree with staff boycotting their labour and we support this, however, to allow for time spent in solidarity and boycotting University facilities, such as the library, and university house we are asking for an extension to our assignments. Due to this participation in the strikes, alongside with the lack of supervision, our dissertations have suffered.
We as a cohort feel as if there needs to be a consideration in extending the deadline of our dissertation to early June.  

We are requesting this as other departments in the university have made some measurements for their final year students to support them in showing solidarity for the industrial action, such as the English department, which has prolonged their long essays for EN377 extended for 2 weeks. So have the History department which extended their long essay deadline for final years from week 10 of term 2, to the end of Easter holidays. We would like the Sociology department at the University of Warwick to follow suit and be supportive to students who have stood in full solidarity in resistance to their administrative and academic staff's pension cuts.

 Apologies to anyone who thought this was a negative reaction to the industrial action, also the idea of direct action was suggested by some of the students has been retracted. The emphasis of university facilities such as the library is beneficial for students with disabilities, where special rooms are available to study in which supports their needs.  

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