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In our society, it has became very difficult to love your body without effort, and it can take many years to get there. There are many pictures, articles, videos, blogs, and vlogs which constantly feed us messages about how we should look. How many times a day do you see an article telling you how you can get a, “perfect body or a perfect skin”. And not only them even your families, friends and relatives are the other barriers to overcome.

Many people are being told directly to change their appearance, just because they are too fat, too thin, or otherwise not right, which sends the message that their body type isn’t good enough. These kinds of messages can seem normal that we don’t realize the fact that the message we’re getting and telling others is just destroying the lives of many. When a person feels ostracized for their appearance, the belief that they are not OK, good enough, or worthy of love, it begins to get cemented. The outcome may be a lifetime focused on changing their body, but the feeling of worthlessness is much deeper than that. There is a societal body-shaming that is so ingrained that it can feel like the truth. But it’s not the truth. You don’t have to change your body to be deserving of showing it off.

It’s hard to be grateful to your body when people and things have made you feel ashamed of it, and you wish it were different. But there are always things about your body to be thankful for. Your body keeps you alive, your body carries you every day, and your body protects you in many ways. Think about what your body does for you, instead of what you wish it did for you. Every BODY is beautiful and it doesn't define you anyway.