Sign for Equality Movement

Sign for Equality Movement

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This movement is a reminder to the nations of the world of The World Summit for Social Development, held in March 1995, established the concept of social integration to create an inclusive society, in which UN states the following, “a society for all”, as one of the key goals of social development. Member states made a commitment to promote social integration through fostering inclusive societies that are stable, safe, just and tolerant and respect diversity, equality of opportunity and participation of all people, including disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and persons. 


Resources to fully participate in society.

Those who do not have access to rights are not able to participate fully in society. However, even if people have rights to access, they cannot participate fully without adequate resources. 

Therefore, resources to fully participate in all aspects of societal activities are the ultimate step for successful social inclusion. It is not only because of lack of financial resources that people are unable to participate, or stop participating, but also because of conditions, such as insufficient time or energy, spatial distance, lack of recognition, lack of respect, physical conditions or constraints. These elements all need to be taken into consideration." Source (UN Inclusive society)


One step at a time and we start with including Sign Language as a curriculum in school and colleges. Educating the public at large. Health care providers need to be trained and in industries make it a compulsion to learn Sign Language. The advantage of it includes:


1) Communicating without the barrier of languages.

2) Eradicating the exclusion of person with disability from the community.

3) With special emphasis on learning experience, provides broader perspective for students.

4) Education, Employment and full use of the potentials of people who have hearing and speech impairment and other related disabilities.

5) Full participation of each and every person of the society for its development & growth.

6) Creates new professional opportunities for teachers and students aspiring to teach.

7) Brings awareness to the CODA [Child of Deaf Adult] community.

8) Uproots communication barriers.


As a Global conscientious human being we urge you to support our mission and helps us in bringing to life our dream of an Inclusive Society.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!