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Save farmers! Save farming!

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Save Farming! Save Farmers!

Farming is extremely essential worldwide. It also stands as the #1 source for food, which automatically makes it an integral part of our life. You can question, then shouldn't farming be considered our top most priority? Well, that is not the case here. In our society, there is barely any respect shown towards this wonderful service that farmers do for the community. It is certainly detestable to realize that farming has always been looked down upon and given the least amount of attention in comparison to other areas of work. This ideology should definitely change. The fact that it has reached up to this point is absolutely unacceptable.

Farmers have NEVER been receiving the adequate amount of money to live a prosperous life. Actually, not even a satisfactory life. Many farmers are still fighting poverty struggling to get past a day let alone a whole year. Many have committed suicide due to loss of money, very least profit, crops dying due to lack of water and/or fire and many other horrible reasons.

Neduvasal is a village in Tamil Nadu, India. Currently the Neduvasal Protests Against Hydrocarbon Extraction has been on the news for a while now in India. Hydrocarbon extraction is such a deplorable act where a huge amount of chemicals are to be released on land, which eventually will damage a large portion of a district just for the sake of businesses to make money. The villagers’ in Neduvasal are frightened that it would destroy years and years of hard work and progress that has gone into agriculture. Many youngsters and farmers have been protesting for justice. This is so unfair and dishonorable for one to make such a heinous decision in the first place to execute it in a place like India, where farming has been alive for more than 5000 years. India has also been ranked second worldwide for agriculture, where 80% of the food source is from farming. Farming is crucial for living not only for farmers but also for each one of us. It is super important that we provide a solution for farmers and their respected families to lead a successful life.


1) Government can start funding farmers, at least from our tax money.

2)They could create a crop insurance.

3) They can provide free medical care and free education to the children of the farmers.

4) A "farmers card" can be given, where they have stored money inside the card to buy the essentials needed.

5) Farmers have taken loans to continue farming. Government could waive it off.

There has been a lot of news about their crops dying from lack of water, materials, and money to grow their crops. Sudden fires destroy huge acres of plantations the farmers put their blood and sweat into as well. Instead of the government pouring abundance amount of money for elections and other insignificant events, they could actually start doing something valuable for the farmers. High time to take some action! 

The solutions listed above are just a few ideas of what possibly can lessen the problems faced by the farmers. There are so many other ways to help them! Like what? Support them. Value them. Realize the importance of these issues. Reach out. 

I am just a college student who is very much frustrated with the societies low place for farming and farmers. I wanted to do something. Honestly, if I am willing to help, so can you. If such awful farming conditions keep existing and growing, the future will be out of our hands. Upcoming future generations will have to suffer immensely, especially for food. I view this as an opportunity to create awareness and take an initiative. Join me and let's do this!


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