lizard people are better

lizard people are better

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Started by howdy partner

we need to continue what dr connors started. lizards are just better. 

1) lizards don’t have to go to school or work

2) ikea would be so much more fun

3) image going to a mall as a lizard

4) we wouldn’t have covid if we were all lizards 

5) your body regenerates when hurt

6) you’d still be intelligent 

7) no more racism 

8) everyone would look the same so say goodbye to beauty standards 

9) no more painful pregnancies 

10) no periods 

11) image going sky diving as a lizard 

12) image going to disney world as a lizard

13) say goodbye to towing cars

14) going to a party as a lizard sounds so fun

15) going to the beach as a lizard

16) football games would be so much more fun

please help this cause we beg of you

9 have signed. Let’s get to 10!