Should the Girls be treated as commodities?

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Is SHE an object which you are Donating , under the ceremony name Kanyadaan ?

Band Karo kanyadaan, insaan hu, nahi Samaan!

One can own land building articles products and even plants and animals as on today. Ownership of these can be changed with sale purchase rent gift and donation. owner has a right to develop nourish destroy or kill what he possess except for cows. There is no right for any human being to sell purchase rent gift or donate a human being to another human being.
There is no slavery in India. So no human being can be any ones property.A human being can have only relationship with another human being but no ownership. Doing this (human trafficking ) is a serious criminal offence.
A woman is not a property of even her parents leave aside the husband as said by Supreme court in its judgment. This is enough to say that a woman cannot be donated by the father to son-in-law during the marriage ceremony.
Marriage is a relationship accepted by two consenting adults. If that is so we need to reassess the role of parents of both sides.
Equality between husband and wife is established by the law of land. The role of parents is equal to a witness only. Till today the law was tailored to the need of the society. Indian society has shown its inability to change as per need and wishes of people unless the changes are enforced by the law.
Issues like woman safety, dowry , domestic violence , child abuse, slavery, adultery, homosexuality, same sex marriage ,teen talak ,even environmental pollution prenatal sex determination have been tackled by changes in the law of the land.
KANYADAAN is not a custom or ritual but an evil in hindu society.
Saying nikah Kabul three times a man can adopt a woman and saying talak thee times he can divorce a woman. The Law has upheld the supremacy and respect of human life by saying Woman is not the property of a man who can adopt or divorce a woman at his will. Law of the land is the same for all religion. How can a father donate his daughter to anybody.
Daughters cannot be donated . They are living Human beings.
Marriage has nothing to do with kanyadaan .