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Let me start by saying, I am a loving mother to a sweet, healthy and well cared for eight month old boy. I am drug and alcohol free entirely. I do not smoke cigarettes or engage in dangerous or vicious acts. I attend mommy groups three times a week where we discuss the joys and struggles of motherhood. I grocery shop among the rest of you and drive a Subaru Forester. I am an active member of our society. I often attend fundraisers and I am on our local softball league. i wave and smile to other family and friends in my community and am almost always met with that same endearment. I was an active member in my husbands family, attending holidays and birthday parties. Even weekend barbecues. For the three plus years I have been in that family, I have always been loved and respected.

When my family and friends learned of my profession they were “deeply disturbed” they called everyone they could think of and told them about this awful tragedy. One of those people being the mother of my step child Abby. She had already been long since aware of my occupation as a dancer and that had never posed a problem until the rest of the family had decided it was unsafe. I believe this is all just plain old bullying. Now I have become a “danger” to her daughter and the little girl I watched grow for three plus years, bathing feeding and loving her for years is now no longer allowed alone with me for fear of what may happen to her if she is around a dancer. I am not a dancer I am a mother and a stepmother who’s occupation is an exotic dancer. My lifestyle does not reflect or effect my home life. I am a person who will not be made to stay home and do dishes. I will not be told that being a dancer makes me a bad mother. At night after work, I shower take my makeup off lay in bed with my son and I am still the same mother I have always been. 

If a man works as a clown is he not to be taken seriously when he is not on the clock? Is he always simply that a clown who does nothing but make people laugh? That debt collector who calls you about a past due bill who you meet with such hostility and anger when they call your phone do you treat them the same way when you see them in the super market? I sure hope not. 

“Women should feel as free as men always have and that begins with having the freedom to choose what we want and do not want to do with our bodies. I want every woman to have the confidence to claim that freedom without worrying about what others may think. If we dare to be seen for who we are, expose ourselves fully (in whatever form we choose), maybe others who have no voice will be able to also.

It's a shame that as women we can't express ourselves without judgment and labeling. Why must we be one or the other, good girl or whore? I want to be all aspects of a woman. I want to be sexy and intelligent, too.“

at this time my step child’s mother is bringing this issue to court and her argument is that her daughter should not be left alone with a stripper because it is some how dangerous to her well being. So I am asking that you sign this petition saying that my 100% legal occupation should have no effect on my ability to care for and raise children. Put this bullying to rest.



slut sham·ing
the action or fact of stigmatizing a woman for engaging in behavior judged to be promiscuous or sexually provocative.
"some of the criticism smacks of slut shaming"


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