Animals Are Not Just Animals, Their Just Like Us!

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                     Abusing animals are rampant today especially to those animals who don't have owner and animals that are found only in the streets. Animals need shelter and foods,rather than that respect must included because like us they have a life that given to our Almighty God that need to take care of.

                    We, a group of students highly recommend to respect animals just like how we respect our loved ones. We as a concern animal lovers make this petition to stop abusing animals because we are concern to them especially to those endangered species.

                    As we all seen in TV's many animals are being abused by the people. Their are animals being beaten, killed and abandoned. If we think deeply animals are just like us, they have a life and own family to take care of. Animals had a great help of us especially when we need someone to talked to.So put this in our mind, if we hurt them does it satisfied our happiness? Is it right to hurt them because we want to and blame them for their mistake?Even us people make a mistake so they are, that's why we must forgive them. If we are the one who are being abused what we are going to feel? Let us put our feet in their shoes to feel what they experienced so we can understand them.

                      Aside from food and shelter we must pay respect to the animals. They are also part of our what we call ecosystem.They need respect as much how we needed it. In our generation many animals show their worth, their are dogs that being considered as hero for saving a life so why should we don't respect them.

                       Life is unfair for them if us, people will abused them. Respect is what they need. We hope that this petition will wake up our mind and heart to stop those people who did not give importance to all animals. They deserved to be loved and respected. We the student making this petition highly want your loved and cooperation for the sake of the animal's next generation.


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