All important evidence filed by parent was hidden at the court and court went ahead anyway

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I have wrote to the house of lords
Dear Lord Greaves,

I am writing to you in hope that you can help put something right, my children were removed from me just over a year ago, I'm told my daughter will be in foster care until she is eighteen, she is now 7 years old. My son became severely autistic due to MMR. I had a hard life with my son but it has changed who I am.
When I became pregnant with my daughter, my self and my partner was assessed to weather we could live together. The junior social worker told me she was supporting our application to the court . She was given a choice support me in court, or promotion, she was made Area Manager, I go to court for fraud, so Socail Services where required to prepare a plan to look after my children in case I lost my liberty. I was made clear that my children were made a part of a care order to support me raise my children, the word Neglect was removed from the threshold document, and the judge wanted to make an order to help me that didn't mean I wa neglectful, provisions were ordered by the judge and promised by LCC, such as epilepsy monitor, so I could sleep at night as my son had nocturnal epilepsy, qualified carers, so I could spend time with my daughter, help attending appointments etc. I did not receive any of this support, in fact I have evidence stating that a meeting was held the morning before the court case, Socail Services descided that no matter what the judge ordered that the was still going to attain a reason to remove.
My sons school falsely reported me for cigarette burning my son, when he was at respite ( they didn't check that) but even then I was still looking at both my children going into protective custody, that day. This just happened to be three days before I was in court against my father for a life time of rape, when I arrived in court I was informed that the court was aware that I was being investigated for a non accidental injury of my severely disabled son. I lost my case and had no ability to appeal the ruling. I was proven to be innocent of hurting my son, but it stayed on file as inconclusive, My sons school made false reports that where held on my daughters file in another school regarding neglect and to watch my daughter for the same neglect. This has been proven also to be a false assumption. Since my sons Medication changed, he is not soiled and is in my better mood. I was told my son was constipated by the social worker, he actually had diarrhoea constantly since he was three, which is because my sons bowels where damaged by the MMR. My son was put on laxatives, I protested by was told I had to comply, comply I did, and my son soiled more at school, then the same Socail Worker phoned my sons doctor , it is forever logged on his medical file, she logged issues with my care, that did not exist, they kept returning my son to laxatives to cure his constipation, which he still had never suffered from, but I was told I had to comply and that I was wrong about his constant diarrhoea. The school has failed to provided a suitable education as he was much more advanced at the age of six at his previous school. This soiling issue was logged every day at my sons school and it was assumed that every soiled day was because I hadn't preformed proper care when I sent his to school that morning, even when the log was made at 11.30 am it was still reported as being my fault. The fault was the sodium-valproate that my son was prescribed, I told the doctors, the social worker, the school, that this caused my sons diarrhoea, but I was told he had constipation, it was like trying to explain a unknown feature, I knew what the problem was, i evidence this, I was met with disrespect and ignorance, that I being just mum could appose. a incontinence nurse, a specialist, she must be right. My son is the real victim of this behaviour, he hated laxatives, he just poo everywhere unstoppable, then when I challenged again she doubled the laxative dose, I was being supervised by carers, who were employed to care for my son but had no skills relevant to my sons needs, and it was like I was training them myself to manage my son, all the time that they attended my home. They were supposed to make life easier, instead I was forced to be in twice a day, had to be as the LCC said if I did not let them in twice a day to check my children that fourteen days notice would be issued. There was no reason to check my children's safety, but it was infurred that this would be a role of the carers, the judge ordered proper respite for my son, so I could spend quality time with my daughter, it was not to be enforced with threats to remove, I would get a call, and a care would say, they had to changed the rota, because of staffing issues, and I had to return home immediately, it was like a prison sentence, for no reason. I made a complaint regarding improper conduct of a member of staff, I had video evidence of the carer acting improper with my son, I complained straight away to the company and to Socail Services, I did not get a reply and sent many requests for updates on the situation. I received a report a year later stating . Miss Critchley has taken her father to court regarding a sexual matter and my father was acquitted, so basically they was ignoring my complaint and assuming I was making it up. Nothing was done. .This is just the start of my devastation, which ended with my children being taken into care, I was served the bundle with the main evidence against me was missing. The was a blank threshold document page, the LCC used the previous threshold which was completely edited by the judge to reflect his intention to help, he wished me well and said I was a exemplary mother. This was not provided to the court as the documents that had been ordered by the previous judge to be available for the court hearing on the 18 Aug, so there was a push by the LCC to finish the hearing on the 17. I depended on these vital documents, I filed my own case as I represented myself, approx 400 documents did not arrive in court, no one had seen my bundle, the judge had ordered the LCC to serve my documents once I had filed them to the other party's.
They did not. Then they left the court with the judge to find my evidence which was properly filed on time over thirty days before. I had told the LCC that I had filed and that they could serve my documents on the other party's. They did not complete this requirement. The main evidence was provided by a new social worker who was a bully, and didn't have sufficient experience to be the lead Socail worker on a case that was going to try and adopt my daughter out. The first time I met this social worker it was the day before the previous court case, she greeted me with a booklet, she handed me the booklet and told me I should take it home to show my daughter her new mum and dad. Then said she hadn't said that.
She made double appointments for me not telling me about on while she attended it with no explanation that she had sent me to another appointment, I was contacted and asked the dates for my sons respite. I provided them and then the social worker arranged medical appointments for my son which he missed because I was ordered by court to send him to respite. She made reports regarding sexual abuse in my family and said it was a multi generation problem. And said I locked my daughter in her room with strange men, no men was ever in my house only the carers they sent, she banned my uncle from visiting because he was the only male that ever visited she stated that she had to police check him, the next day all his info was provided by him directly to the social services, she said this didn't happen. She arranged to do home visits, come a hour late, two hours late, or not at all. On one occasion I had to leave to attend a regular contact session with my children's father, I left a note at social services regarding not being able to wait for her.
After talking to my daughter dentist for nearly an hour, and removing my child from school to take her to the dentist , over an hour before her appointment, the dentist being almost next door to the school. My daughter may of needed a tooth out because it had broke but it was going to be a wait and see issue as the tooth was already loose, after taking to the social worker it was stated that my daughter needed nine teeth out, I questioned the normal procedure from the dental regulators, as the dentist stated all teeth with even little holes would routinely be taken out, and this is how it is. The dental regulators state this is not the normal procedure, and an investigation for fitness to practice is underway. I also have the same type investigation ongoing regarding the social worker. She made false claims in the SWET document used ! Relating previous court cases, false admissions that I had harmed a child and been charged in court, never ever happen, the SWET document was referred to in court and it was missing from my file the social worker lied and said she had emailed me the document, she emailed me something completely different, I only saw the document because when I left court I mistakenly picked up the solicitors file and took it home. I am a good mum, I love my children, I properly looked after them in a warm loving home with lots of stimulation and the guardian had referred to my home as a children's wonderland.
I did a victory dance on the previous court case as they were questioning my care and the judge called me an exemplary parent. It seemed like war from them at that point.
Schools have provided false documents to court that paint the picture of my daughter being special needs as a report from nursery was used, she was 6 not 3.
I had asked for the document to be updated. I think it was not an error, the same social workers name is signed on it.
I think she purposely put this document to court to paint a picture of a little girl who was only functioning at a toddlers level, she was top of her class , very bright, very involved in learning, wanting to be involved in everything in class, false attendance numbers that fall in the warning of possible neglect. I have two reports from the same time period one I had asked for to put in my court bundle, the one that ticks all the neglect boxes. And a proper report with 99% attendance and good learning shown.
Can you please help it's been a year and a week, it's been accepted that my sons medication caused diarrhoea, and that he was soiling on the way to school. And I can have unsupervised contact with my severely son, but not my able bodied, well spoken little girl, they tell her she's not coming home until she is eighteen,
Last week she made a wish at townley hall, there's a wishing tree and without any encouragement my daughter put a coin on the tree and wished out loud to come home.
The social worker changed the cut off levels for a hair strand test , and the test was unpassable by anyone,
I have 1007 pages of evidence that I filed at the court of appeals, which was thrown out within 3 hours of the judge receiving it, so he couldn't of given each page the required 90 seconds to read. He said I blame others for the things that I cause.
I asked him to please clarify what he was referring to as when I gave a reason I provided many pieces of evidence to prove each point. The social worker spent all of her time working with me, intimidating, belittling, bulling, threatening, making my life hell, turning up the day before a meeting to my home, having the meeting and with the pretence that this was the right appointments time, I'm just getting it wrong. She after telling me I was wrong, rang my mum a cancelled the appointment that was the next day, she was trying to show me as dizzy, stupid, memory loss, incapable,

The same social worker lied and said I told my daughter to keep a secret, I was raped by my father all my childhood, I don't like the word secret, I would never use it.


Yours sincerely,

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