Stop abusers to contact with minor if child do not want!

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Me and my daughter abused by my ex and suffered in silence. I had no friends, he also prevented my daughter to socialise with her friends. He physically, mentally, financially and emotionally abused me throughout our relationship. I was raped by him, then he used islamic religion as a shield to protect him. He told me he knew Holy Quran by heart and he will marriage with me, he kept me scared from muslims, if anyone found i will be killed. I never had any boyfriend. He deceived me, later on my daughter was born and when i have found he is sextually toucing her body, i had arguments with him, then my daughter told me many time she does not want to live alone with him as she feel scared as he touch her body and tell her he is massaging. He started pressuring me that if social work will findout about our arguments they will take my daughter away. I loved her and wanted to keep her with myself.

I had to keep myself and my daughter safe from him, which was very difficult. When he threatened to kill me, i was worried for my daughter that if i will be killed then he will be allowed as a father to keep my daughter, which would be dangerous for her. I was tearful and gathered my all energy to see authorities to safe my wee daughter age 5 years. I informed her school, when they assured me no one will take my daughter , that was the moment my fear turned to my strength, and then i reported to police domestic abuse, then they found that i was raped in 2009 by this man and were feared and pressured by him to be silent.  Police special unit took my statement, where i also informed my daughter was unsafe with him, as he touched her body inappropriately. Investigations are ongoing, but in the mean time social work department involved and allocated case to male social worker. He took my daughter interviews, as her age was just 5 years, and she had lived very pressured and fearful life at home because of her father, she found difficult to discuss  with male social worker very sensitive issue relationship with her father. She told him that she is fearful with him. Her abusive father was allowed to see social worker at his office but i was not provided any social work address. He was asking contact with daughter, and I refused as it is unsafe for her, she is very scared with him. In the child protection meeting social work decided that as a father he has a parental right to see his daughter, as daughter did not explain well sextual abuse so we cannot charge him! It was a shock for me. The reason i came forward to protect my daughter from abusive father was lost, i was tearful disappointed in the meeting. They did not consider my request to change social worker from male to female and ask her when her teacher is there so she feel confident, as she knows her teacher. Now Social worker decision put my daughter back in danger. Social work should listen to child feelings carefully, if child do not want to see parent, they should protect child from that person. Me and my daughter living in fear of abusive man is free to abuse us because he has parental rights. My petition is “child should be allowed to decide whether wants to see parent or not? If child is in primary 1, since that time their voice should be heared to prevent further damage to their life In domestic voilence case social work department should wait until police finish their investigations, then make decision, they should not put innocent children in danger only because they did not find facts” Please sign the petition to support cause to protect my daughter from abusive father and other children, who are in the similar position like my daughter. To improve social work performance, and amendment in parental rights law  to keep child safe from abusive parent in the light of the best interest of the child.

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