Teenagers freedom

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Okay this petition is for a young male lad , who has previously been in care homes , and finally found a place where he belongs and has a family and calls it home , but recently his birth mother has passed away and the social services want him to move back to a care home in England , which is hours away from his current address , where he has been living for years , his real brother also lives at this address , it seems so unfair that they are now trying to move him because his birth mother has passed away , when his whole life is here , and recently he has made new friends , who have all said he is very caring , nice and funny and they won’t be able to cope without him , because of the massive impact he has made on their lives , can you please sign this petition so he can stay with his friends and family where he belongs , it isn’t fair for a young person to be moved around like this when his whole life is here