Swift Gaming Company for The Wolf Online - Ban Hackers Or Refund Your Players

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The Wolf Online is a app game you can download and play from play store.  It's been around a year but the past 6 months the game has gotten out of control with Hackers and Modders (use app programs to cheat get free skills,gems, and stats on the game).  Swift Company ignores It's Customer Support, It's facebook page unless you spam them, and Its forums page.  Multiple Player's have requested to please deal with this problem but Swift Only sends those player's to there own server called Hacker Hell.  They don't ban there ip Address so these cheaters just come right back next day.  It's unfair to us player's who have Supported the Game spending $  and worked hard to build our wolf accounts up. Swift recently installed a new program that's supposed to ban cheaters and send them to Hacker Servers but that new program has also innocently sent player's who bought gems to the Hacker Server.  They emailed Swift proof of there stats,  there bank receipts, any proof to clear there name that they did not cheat,  but Swift refuses to allow these player's back on normal servers.  Many player's have asked for full refunds because they are sick of Swift not fixing the game.  I've contacted Google Play Store and they refuse to help because Swift has already received the $ purchased.  Please fix the game or loose your Valueable Player's who give you a paycheck.  

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