Help me get my children home. I deserve a chance. My baby been snatched by Anglesey ss

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I have had various rumours made up about me. FROM locals and from my social worker who has failed to act like a professional.  

She has made my life very difficult and she has failed to provide me any suport instead decided I am unable to parent my children.  

I have had a very differcult time in my life and manage to change my life for the better.  I been parent my child for nearly 4 years.  In this time i had been doing throug a difficult time and on various time tried to approach social services to no avail.  When I have struggled I have given my child to his father or his family. 

Social services aren't following three own policies, everything back handed. A public enquiry is needed.

I done do much to change my life, all pointless . No help or support given.  This needs looking in got 5 weeks three times a week i get ignored. I sick of being treated like a third class citizen not second. This is feeling like the fascist rasheme. Constant lies brkmg made up against me. I heart broken and can't bear living eoth this broken heart. 

 I have tried to ask to go to a baby baby rehab for a fair independant assessment as say no. No extra contact.  No help or supoort was allowed in hosptiol because social qieker said no. Miss Hughes needs to be exsimed for her conduct of how she has npt attepted to work with me but agaisnt me on a more then pessonal level. All i can do is ask why??


I have reach out to various sms workers.  I have been doing clean drugs test. I have been documented asking for help and been failed by social services.  I have had another baby with same social worker. Who clearly not qualified to deal with this case.  I been told i need my head exaimend.  She has made up lies in a court of law and told another social worker to present the case. She has been very calculated in what she done.   I have been working with all agencies keeping all apoitments.  I changed my house address.  I mix with nobody from negite and yet I have not been given a chance. I see my baby for 2 hours 3 times a week. Constant supervision.

I have not been told what is expected from me. I am currently trying to breastfeed and express and I am not being supported by social services. So am asking that this pettionshion is shared to the right professional take note of my suport I have and give me a chance to be the mum I have been. I had a period of time i was struggling. I safe guarded my child by keeping him away from any harm. I had various report from social services from locals saying awful things. I have proved the to be untrue.  

 The right procedures have not been followed by anglesy social services. I had a social worler who clwarly no matter what i do will not be good enough.  I have grown up in care and never had such a break down of relationship of social worker ever. My worker are also disguted that certain procedure have not been followed. But ask that a public enquiry into what has happened and that my children rerun home. I must add I have never been seen with my children befoee these reports social services are so clear my baby should be seperated from me. I only been seen for half a hour woth my 4 year old. How does that prove if i good enough or not when th other parent has not been supervised also. 

I am breastfeeding the social worker is adiment to take my baby off my milk.  To express and keep up the milk supply is very hard and yet my contact is not facilitated to provide a loving time of contact and also enough time for baby to be feed. My baby has a basic human right to be breastfeed this is what i will continue to do. Even with social sevices stopping this 

I have now fully furnished my house to high quality.  Moved area my house is ready for my children who are not here. So please gice me a chance and iffer me support not take baby and no plan. 

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