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Stop social services snatching children from loving families then getting abused in system

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Stop social services snatching children from their loving families and leaving them to be abused in the case of the system.

Today I was in hospital with my two year old son social services and police so my son could have an emergency medical as he was being mistreated in his placement. He had bruises on his arms, legs, belly, behind his ear and bum. He also had marks on his neck. I have reported the care given to my son for months but seemso it was an ex friend caring for him these was ignored, I have reported a sore bum no cream no wipes, a bite to his face, no coat and sometimes no footwear on a rainy day and only ever coming to see me in the clothes i had brought him for his birthday and another outfit once. He has also came in clothes smelling of stale urine. Social services also had their own concerns, my child not being registered with a doctor for months as this woman got aggressive at doctors and threw a pen at the receptionist which resulted in this woman, her children and my child being took of the books. She would leave morphine on the table in which the children could reach, not co-operating with the social worker. She would leave my son with a neighbour or her mom while she would take her children out. The health visitor looking after my child reported that she could tell this woman was not his mother as there was no motherly bond. My son is now under speech therapy, maybe this is because he is not talked to. This woman has 4 other children but social services had removed her two eldest so maybe this placement was a no go in the begining. We fell out because it soon came apparent that this person was only in it for the money and was not meeting my childs needs. That's no reason to be mistreating a two year old baby. He is so lovely and funny he is just a perfect little boy.

Moving on to the abuse of my 6 year old.

K & m was placed into restbite as their behaviour was not the best. They are both in behaviour schools. Restbite was section 20 ( volunteer care ) and was for 6 weeks. Social services said this way the appointments to get behaviour diagnoses would be fast tracked. Social worker left and the new one was evil, in the end he got took of the case for harrassment. Social services decided to illegally keep the children and when it was put before the judge insisted assessments needed to be redone.

In september I was called to the office as I have parental rights by law I had to be informed. The foster carer was locking k & m in the utility cupboard. The foster carer was given more training. Everytime I seen k his spark was gone he refused to take toys home an always looked sad. He went to school one day and tried to run away when the teacher spoke to him he told her his foster carer don't like him and she hurt his lip. The school then produced a school report which included the incident and States there was a mark on his lip. The school failed to safeguard my child and this was not reported. A few weeks later k had a mark on his cheek when asked how he had got this he told me what his foster mom had told him to say and eventually told me the foster dad had did this and begged me not to say anything. Anything and everything stated had been witnessed by the supervising team. This was reported to police and social workers but social worker told police there was no concerns so a blind eye was turned.  The week after my baby came covered from head to toe in bruises I rang police and social services and they didn't want to know so I rang nspcc. The worker who dropped boys home was told by the foster dad he didn't want k there k was sat on the stairs listening. They then went out and brought everyone in the house including k,s younger brother m a mccdonalas and told k he wasn't allowed on because he was naughty.  The next day I went to court and demanded an emergency court while the boys was with my mom. K has been told noone loves him and the foster dad keeps telling foster mom he dont want k and the foster mom said she would give notice. Social services rang me and called me into office. They finally wanted to listen after the nspcc contacted them, the supervision staff had made reports and the fact I was at court. The boys who was in a que to see Santa before they went for food was dragged away from Santa and brought to the doctors where police and social services was waiting. Injuries was wrote down and k was questioned,  bear in mind k is scared of what He is going home to he didnt open up and said he didnt know how he got his bruises. However m told me that the foster dad was hurting k I managed to record this and i called the police officer in and M repeated this to her. The foster carers was interviewed but because k was to scared to open up charges was dropped and they went on to have two newborn babies that have now also been  removed!

K & m are now with a lovely family who take them on holiday and buy the family rocks take them to church where they make us all cards. They are doing well in school, have started cricket and boxing they have their spark back. 

It's coming to the end of our proceedings soon and what is legally ment to be 26 weeks in court would of been almost 18 months. K&m was restbite and should of been coming for dinner twice a week and staying the weekend then returned after 6 weeks like the contract signed stated. They was never harmed neglected or abused in the care of myself or my family. The system is messing up their little heads but according to the sytem our family is not good enough for them. The judge went against social servces as they didnt give me and mom fair chance and the local authority assessod failed to give evidence in court. social services refused another assessment but the judge has ruled independant assessment. I already passed this kind of assessnent but they dragged proceedings.We are gonna win this battle and ýmy boys will get the justice they deserve!!

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