Mccanns should be done for neglect by social services.

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After many years of lies and tax payers money being thrown at this VILE couple the public still don't understand how this couple have not been branded for neglect on there children! Social services should of been banging there door Dow the moment they confirmed they left there children in a holiday apartment with doors and windows left open while they went for a meal. Families in the UK are on the neglect plan made by social services for much less then leaving there child unattended so why has this family got away with this?..... because they have money? Because higher people are involved with the disappearance of there daughter? ..... whatever the reason social services think it's ok that this family have a law of there own different from the rest of the families in the UK is WRONG and shouldn't be swept under the carpet. This needs to be changed! While the case of there missing daughter is still unsolved they should have social services involved for the sake of there other children,just like thousands of other families in the UK.