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Social Services / Child protective services: STOP The stealing of children from familys for (risk of emotional harm)

risk of emotional harm or risk of future emotional harm has been used to abuse the care system and gives the local authority very little reason to take children... this is in most cases the only reason as no actual harm has taken place.. this happened to me and my partner and we dont want this to happen to anyone else. we want a reform in the system to only take children when (nothing else can be done) as when it happened to us our family was not considered ( contrary to what the general public think) its all a big smoke screen so the system needs little reason to destroy a family.. just type "social services are stealing uk children" into google or youtube and watch and listen.. most stories are the same.. no help is given.. the first move is to take the child.. then thats it.. please join us in the biggest fight as the children are and always will be the most important they are our future.. we need the system to re-investigate cases like ours because once this happens watch how many turn out to be a big mistake.. thank you so much for taking the time to read this and please look into this for your family's sake

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