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Bring Jayden and Bella Mia home

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Hi my Bestfriend has lost the most precious beautiful amazing children, a few months ago Lucy put her little girl to bed and her son, she shut all doors and went in her lounge to have her own time. As most mums do, her older son thought it was play time and made what was the biggest mistake and hit her daughter leaving her bruised, when Lucy got up to check on her kids she found her daughter with a lump on her head, being very worried she took her to the doctors and hospital her heart was broken, she was scared for her daughter.. then her life totally fell apart she got the social on her back the police got called and she got full blame for her sons mistake (he knows no better) he was just playing in his mind. After long days in hospital and supervised her daughter and son got removed from her although police said she didn’t do it and everything was dropped by them social decided to take them babies away anyway, there with her mother and she is not aloud to see her or the children unless children are looked after by someone else and it is supervised visits in contact centres. She’s done everything by the book since the day they been taken she’s stayed claim she’s gone to every visit apart from one being in hospital.. she’s the most amazing mother to them children, the ONLY thing she has done wrong with her children is not give them enough telling offs.. them children are her world they always have been and always will be.. social are saying hit her baby girl to she couldn’t even raise her voice to them! How can someone so kind and loving to there kids go through this heart ache .. LUCY gets this for being the best mum she can be apart from not being horrible to her kids when they say the wrong things or do what kids do. This ain’t fair and the social clearly need to look a good look around them, so many kids need there help but not Jayden and not Bella. Lucy has been to doctors for Jayden’s behaviour before any of this happened and she got no help but sent away she’s even been told by everyone that she’s done everything she could.. please help get Jayden and Bella Mia back home to where they belong and share. Get this around and let Justice begin. Everyone that knows Lucy! We can’t let these social workers who don’t bother helping the families that actually NEED it get what they deserve they can’t do this to someone who hasn’t done anything wrong!! There doing nothing but breaking a family rather than helping.... so I ask kindly every one who knows Lucy nye and her parenting to share, help tag any social in Bournemouth, bournemouth council workers, courts anyone to show Lucy is NOT what they make out she is.. surely some one can help...Jayden and Bella love there mummy so much and they want to be home. Social services are breaking there hearts when they should be there to help. There rude and spiteful towards Lucy and Dont have any best interest for the children!!!

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