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Bring frankie Dolan home to his kids

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I took my baby son a&e as soon as I got back from Brighton as partner called me concerned that our 3 yr old had pulled on my 8 month olds arm to much in jumperoo as he asked him to play with him he went upstairs to do some cleaning they were playing happy with each other my 8month old then started to scream he ran down to discover that my 3 yr old had hold of his arm being way to rough with his crying in pain and notified me as I was more then half way home I got in door called taxi rushed up A&E to conquest hospital where I was told he had what they called a pulled elbow this was diagnosed without even a X-ray bare in mind how soft baby's bones are you would of thought to make such a diagnosis and to confirm this they would of done a X-ray before attempting to twist and pull his arm !!! My poor baby I was so upset as they said all they had to do was grab it twist it and pull and assured me he be fine after so a member of staff done esaclty that !! No pain relief I was told sit him on my lap that once it's completed I hear crack or. Pop he screamed in agony :,( I felt a crack and a pop !!!! I was told procedure is complete he should be able to use it soon to be taking Kipling ward where I noticed it was starting to swell and he was screaming in agony I told the doc what they did upstairs that I was told was pulled elbow Doc said X-ray straight away rushed up for X-ray where they discover a nasty twist break !!!! The member of staff who diagnosed my baby with pulled elbow had just twisted his arm and pulled !!! To apparently pop it into to place as it was pulled elbow so my first response was shock how or why did they not X-ray befor diagnosing this why did they just assume I can tell u why cause my baby's arm wasn't swollen he just couldn't move it properly and was in pain so obviously if there was a small break undiagnosed as they couldn't be asked to X-ray grabbing and twisting a baby's arm would cause a spiral break !!! As it was undiagnosed !!! Now the hospital contacted social !! They have blamed my partner anyone who knows me and my partner knows he would never hurt a fly !!! Let alone his own son they just looking for someone to blame I witnessed this memeber of staff break my baby's arm hence why he screamed in agony yet they won't listen I'm taking it further as. They gone way to far they have made my partner leave our home and have no contact with kids saying they will review Tuesday but the thing is he's done nothing wrong the hospital are at fault !! I need help to fight this unjust !!! It's not right !!! Bring my partner frankie Dolan home to his children !!!! He's the most loving father ever best person I could have for my children's dad all morning all 3 toddlers have asked where's daddy I want daddy and he's not aloud here or to see them this is heart breaking and unfair I took my baby boy to conquest to get him help not to have him misdiagnosed and then for socail!!! To rip my family apart please please Please share we need justice

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