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Social Security Administration: Reverse denial of SSDI Disability for Terry Tidwell to help save his life

My 42 year old husband, Terry Tidwell, has been working for his entire life. That is, until he became very ill and was diagnosed with Stage 3 Cirrhosis, a devastating disease that ultimately requires a liver transplant in order to survive. Terry is unable to work now because each day is a struggle with disabling pain and physical exhaustion. On his best days he can cook dinner and go to the store to pick up a few necessities. Many times even this leaves him completely drained of energy. His condition will never improve without a new liver, but he cannot even get on the liver transplant list right now because he does not have the money or medical insurance to pay for it. He will progressively get worse until his liver fails completely. Right now, he cannot even make a living for himself and for the past nearly two years he has been trying to attain SSDI Disability benefits. SSI is something he paid into in his many years of working. Now that he needs these benefits, he is being denied them due to a judge's decision based in part on the judge's false conclusion that Terry would "improve within six months." Cirrhosis is ultimately terminal when caught at this stage and it can only progress. It does not improve. The judge also based his decision on the false conclusion that Terry was able to lift certain amounts of weight or sit and stand for a number of hours This conclusion is untrue and was determined by a doctor who never saw Terry.  Only a new Cirrhosis-free liver will save my husband's life, but without SSI Disability he cannot receive Medicare, which would pay his medical bills and allow him a chance to be evaluated for a liver transplant. The judge's decision on this was in error, and we are asking him to reverse this decision. Terry has already filed an appeal and been denied a request for review.  Now we have to take the case to federal court.  This will take over a year, during which time Terry has no way of earning a living for himself or getting the extent of medical attention he requires to survive. What I ask now is that you sign this petition asking the judge to reverse his decision, or at least reexamine the evidence far sooner. Please consider this carefully and remember, this is not someone asking for a hand-out, but simply asking for what he earned through years of hard work. Thank you all very much for taking the time to read this and sign my petition.

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