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social security administration: Give my Father his disability!

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My Daddy has emphysema, heart disease, angina, COPD, chronic bronchitis, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, undiagnosed masses in his abdomen, possibly splenosis, enlarged prostate, internal hemorroids, gastritis, irritable bowel, hiatus hernia, reflux, degenertaive osteoarthritis in his spine, pinched sciatica nerve, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, some hearing loss & poor vision. He has a 3rd grade math level & a 6th grade reading level. He has side effects from the medications, has been evaluated by rehabilitation specialists who say he cannot work, 

 His heart condition almost made him have a massive heart attack a week before Christmas last year (2011). (I say "almost" because the doctors said we got him to the hospital just before it would have happened and that if we had not gotten him there that night he would not have been alive the next morning)

He is 59 year old. He has worked since he was 15. He was married at 18 and had by the time he was 24 he and my mom had three children to take care of... He has ALWAYS done EVERYTHING to take care of his family, which usually meant that he ALWAYS had AT LEAST 2 jobs and was always taking odd and end jobs to fill in the gaps. He has done jobs that no one else wants. He has done plumbing, carpentry, and many other manual labor jobs. With his conditions he CANNOT do this work anymore, he can barely go ten feet without getting out of breath and losing strength. And he can't do a desk job because he cannot really read very well and has trouble with math...

Before he had his own family to take care of he helped get things and look after his younger siblings (he was one of 14 children, with him somewhere close to the higher end of the middle). He has always been the type of person to stop and help the person stuck on the side of the road. He has always been the one to step forward and give that random person at the grocery store the couple of dollars they are short for their groceries. He has ALWAYS gone out of his way to be good to other people and help make his little corner of the world a better place while BUSTING HIST BUTT to provide for his family.

Please, it kills me to watch the strongest, most giving, and caring man I know suffer so much and do without so much because he can't get what he put into the system for! Please Help!

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