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Social Security Administration: Disability reform....Procedure/time-frame.

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I hear of so many people going through the same similar circumstance as myself. They have paid into a system that completely ignores them in their time of need.  They have completely depleted all their savings as I have just trying to live from day to day while awaiting on the Social Security Administration's Appeals process.  Some taking years before they finally get approved.  

I don't know about you, but most people don't have enough money saved up to last for years awaiting on something they have been paying into all their lives while they have worked so hard for.

This reform is not just for me but for every other hard working American that has paid into a system that is broken and needs to be reformed.

I have emailed all my elected officials:  Govenor, Senators, Congressman, and President.

I’m a single father raising my two children; one 13 and the other is 10. I have served both my country and my community but in my time of need they both have failed to return the favor.

I’m a Disabled Veteran for which I served my country for a little over 8 years in the United States Navy. I later served my community as a Law Enforcement Officer working the capacity as a Narcotics Detective and a Criminal Investigator.

On October 22, 2011 I was involved in major automobile accident for which I was airlifted to Charlotte Medical Center. I suffered from numerous injuries: multiple broken ribs, collapsed lung, multiple fractures in my left shoulder blade, multiple fractures in my left side pelvis, broken tail bone, fracture to my left collar bone, and ruptured diaphragm for which I had to have emergency surgery.

I spent one week in the hospital before I was released. I was only home for one day when I notice and infection in the incisional site on my abdomen so I was taken to our local hospital where they also discovered that the other hospital had left 800cc of blood in my left lung. At the point, I was transported back to Charlotte where I stayed for an additional week. I had to walk with a walker due to my pelvis injury.

Upon my release in November I filed for Social Security Disability due to the numerous injuries that I had sustained, for which I've been denied. I was receiving Home Health Care due to having to pack the abdominal wound due to the infection and allow it to heal from the inside out.

Since I was released from the hospital in November I've had to return numerous times for follow up appointments. Two Doctors have written letters advising the amount of time it would take to recover from my injuries and still Social Security continues to deny my benefits.

I had to have left shoulder surgery in August due to the collar bone injury I sustained back in October 2011. In addition to that surgery I will have to have another abdominal surgery to repair the damage the first ruptured diaphragm repair surgery cause due to the infection, the abdominal muscles have separated and a hernia developed.

Due to the fact that Social Security continues to deny my claim and while awaiting on the appeals process; I have completed exhausted all my savings.  Now my children and I are about to lose our home. 

I would appreciate any help you may be able to provide me and my family. As I said before; I have served both my country and my community but in my time of need they both have failed to return the favor.

Thanks you, 
Michael Hallman

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