It's time to rethink our way to travel!

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Our generation is transitioning from an industrial era that provided us with a better material well-being without taking into account the limitations of our social and ecological environment to a more conscious model. At Luce, through the establishment of our socially, economically and environmentally responsible vacation lodging model (VLM) we want to carry 3 main activities which are providing a quality stay for adventurous travelers while offering leadership seminars on the local environment, investing in local start-ups and communities, and supporting local non-profits. Throughout a stay at a VLM the guest explores the culture, economic and social environment while helping us provide the tools to empower local communities. Luce's VLM is more than a hotel, it’s a crossroad of cultures, ideas and innovation. Our vision is to be at the heart of equal and sustainable economic growth across the world.

This project is currently participating in the Social Business Creation Competition ( by signing this petition you are helping us win Round 1 of the competition and bring this project closer to reality! 

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Ibrahim Salman 

Founder at Luce