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Pull their male-bashing "You guys are idiots" commercial.

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The "You Guys Are Idiots" commercial is just one more in a seemingly endless parade of male-bashing seen in commercials and sit-coms. The males in this commercial are, naturally, depicted as buffoons. Personally, I thought the guy's stapler-work was pretty cool. But lest anyone be left with that impression, a woman (and hence necessarily a non-idiot) is shoe-horned into the scene to explicitly state that they are idiots.

If the male buffoon were only an occasional character, it could be funny.  But men depicted as morons has become such a pervasive advertising gimmick that something has to be done. I did a search using the terms "ad, 'stupid male' " and found a lot of results, including the following excellent column, which includes some of the other offending ads:

Note that some ads depict such hostility toward the male that you have to wonder why the women married them.  Nestle, via its Butterfinger "You guys are idiots" commercial, has now happily joined the "Men are Stoopid" club.

Obviously it is destructive to any society when half of its members are denigrated. Our little boys should not be taught that it is acceptable to grow up to be a moron, and that this is all that's expected of them. And our girls shouldn't be taught that, as a general rule, males are idiots, and that it's OK for them to marry an immature buffoon. Judging from the high cost of commercials, these companies must realize that they influence people. So please check out the above web sites and let's get Nestle to pull this offensive commercial. Then we'll go after more of them. Thanks for your support!

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