Soap Neighbours relaunches Amazon Prime Video

Soap Neighbours relaunches Amazon Prime Video

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Started by Riley Benfield

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Neighbours has been a hugely successful drama in the UK for the past 37 years and is a beloved and integral part of British lift and the soap format is the highest rated broadcast television in the UK. In fact Neighbours is the highest rated daytime drama on the lowest rated Channel. But with the changing landscape of broadcast television it has now become impossible for international production like Neighbours though it is produced primarily for the UK market it is  that are not big US drama to created the revenue through commercial broadcast like there once was and despite nearly 2 million viewers in the UK no station can afford to commission the drama as advertisement revenue just doesn't cover the quality of the drama being made.

With the move to Amazon Prime Video UK commissioning the show would be possible and the quality of the production could be kept.

Over the past year the number of Episode of Neighbours on a daily basis has in creased by around 37% showing the move to on-demand viewing

Also using product placement which has been used on television shows for many years would bring the cost to Amazon down by a large amount.

No one want Amazon plugs and in your face product placement but subtle placement for instance there could be a dedicated Neighbours page on the Amazon website where you could purchase the dress that Chloe was wearing on Mondays episode, the fruit bowl that is on the Kennedy's dinning table right down to the Music playing in The Waterhole.

This would be the UK and maybe even Australia's first truly Streaming soap people could chose to watch week night like they always have or with a blanket on a Sunday afternoon.

Television is changing and the way we watch television is changing this gives the best of both world on a platform that can be trusted not to mess with the integrity of the the most important thing the drama.

With the international power of the Amazon Prime Video brand this could take Neighbours to countries like South Africa where in sure the show would thrive.

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