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Stop the War on Secular America by the Christians

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The Christian fundamentalist in this country, while claiming to have "values" are subjecting the rest of America to forcibly accept their backwards, archaic, fundamentalist, religious views. They use the main stream media to distort and lie. An example would be that President Obama is anti Christian because he is a Muslim. Another would be that Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory. Contraception is murder. Lies repeated every day by "values voters".
Americans in this country live in a country of secular laws. It is the intent of these religious fanatics to force women, by passing religion based laws to control what a women can do with contraception, their body. This small, narrow minded group, wants nothing less than to have all contraceptive devices and drugs banned. They want to determine who can get married according to their religion. They want to control who is rightfully is able to run for President according to how much someone loves Jesus. In their attempt to control the country, they have an agenda called the Seven Mountains. The Seven Mountains are the steps to taking our country from a country based on the Constitution, to a Theocracy based on religious teachings from the Bible. Stop the religious war. Christians or any other group are quite rightfully, Constitutionally protected. There is a reason for separation between religion and government. We live in America, not Saudi Arabia.

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