Say NO to Little Valley (The Preserve/Bitner) High Density Development next to Lewis Park

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The developer for the proposed Little Valley subdivision is requesting additional density, a total 10-fold increase from 1 unit per 30 acres to 1 unit per 3 acres. This development, if approved, would have a significant impact on our property rights, property values, water, wildlife, and our enjoyment of Lewis Park.

This is a legislative decision (making a special exception to the developer agreement), which means the County Council as an elected body, will make the decision on both facts, ordinance, emotion and the number of constituents against it. If they see a large group of people against it, it matters how they vote! 

The proposed subdivision is located next to Lewis Park in Silver Creek Estates at Bitner Rd across from the Preserve Development P2.  




WHEN: Wednesday Nov 1 at 6:00 PM

WHERE: Summit County Library (Sheldon Richins Building) in Kimball Junction 


This proposed development poses many significant impacts to our community which include:

Property Rights and Values
This sets an unheard of precedent for all developer agreements on allocation of additional density.  This is NOT an appropriate standard for Summit County to set, it would be in violation of code and would impact our property rights and values. The property is currently zoned Hillside Stewardship (HS) which allows for 1 unit per 30 acres. The developer is requesting 1 unit per 3 acres, this does not comply with current code. In the current code, the landowner can apply for incentive density and for HS zone this changes from the base density of 1 to 30 acre unity to 1 unit per 15 acres, (See the diagram below  10-2-11) There is no other place in the entire zoning code or on the ground where the Hillside Stewardship Zone has two or three acre lots. The existing surrounding homes are on average 10 to 20 acres.

The developer/land owner already made a "developer agreement for density" back in 2007 where they struck a deal with Summit County for an agreed upon density allocation that was already above the zoning limit and allowed transfer of units. The fact that this developer/land owner continues to ask and push for more density in a completely inappropriate location is like they are going back for seconds and thirds to the unit allotment.

Hillside Stewardship zone allows a list of uses MEANT for 30 acres NOT for 2-3 acre lot sizes. The list of uses allowed in Hillside zone are as follows: commercial wedding and event venue to bed and breakfast, campground, commercial kennel, lodging camp, to unlimited commercial accessory buildings to unlimited horses, to an accessory dwelling unity, unlimited buildings not exceeding 10,000 s.f.  

Water Quality and Supply
The biggest threat is the water consumption and septic impacting Silver Creek Community wells for water quality and water supply. All water and drainage concerns goes right into the creek because they will not be on the sewer system and "drainage will be on site," this impacts our water quality and community wellbeing. County ordinance states adequate sewer must be provided by the developer, unless applicant demonstrates otherwise. This applicant is proposing septic which is completely inappropriate for this much density so close together as it puts strain on the runoff with compacting the uses of Hillside stewardship in such close proximity.  Why do we continue to let developers profit and not pay for the true costs or impacts of their development when they are the ones reaping the profits?

This proposed development significantly impacts wildlife as this is one of the last undisturbed wildlife corridors and a seasonal creek flows through the parcel in the Spring down through Silver Creek. In section 10-4-2 of code, the developer consent agreement includes mention of a "wildlife management and enhancement plan" but it is not included in the packet. 

Lewis Park
This proposed development will impact our enjoyment in Lewis Park. The property directly overlooks and has direct access to Lewis Park. No trail easements or trail development is planned to give Little Valley residents access to PUBLIC Basin Rec Cobblestone Trail instead they assume use of Lewis Park. In Section 10-4-16 of the code “Parks, Trails, Trailheads All development shall provide neighborhood park facilities in a manner that is sufficient to meet the specific recreational demands that will be generated by the development”.  Based on information in the Work Session document, “No parks or trails are proposed as part of the subdivision. Approximately 50% of the property (not including open space on each individual lot) will be designated as open space available to residents, and there are a number of biking and hiking trails in the immediate area that will be immediately available as well. No request for additional amenities was made by the Snyderville Basin Recreation District.” 

Although Lewis Park is a Public Park it is privately funded as only Silver Creek residents pay taxes to SA#3 to support Lewis Park and Trails. Unlike Basin Rec parks and trails which are paid for by everyone in Snyderville Basin.  This development creates an unfair burden on Silver Creek residents to share our park with a developer who isn’t planning to invest in parks and trails and actively attempts to restrict Silver Creek residents from accessing Basin Rec public trails.

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