Save The NJ "Bat Cave"!

Save The NJ "Bat Cave"!

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Started by Joseph D'Angeli

After 4 years at our current Garfield location, The Wildlife Education and Conservation Center AKA "New Jersey's "Bat cave"  and it's beautiful, vitally important animal ambassadors, may be losing their home. Our bats, sloths, wallaby, reptiles and other now famous wildlife face a precarious future. The wildlife center is even home to protected species and even endangered species! We were lied to and deceived by our landlord and now the new "Landlords" won't give us an answer on extending our lease (Which ends in April) Word has it that they want to knock down all the buildings here in our complex (Including The Wildlife Center) and build new dwellings (probably townhouses, etc)  Nobody in the Town claims to know what their (Snowball Developments intentions are, but somehow the sale of our building went through??!!?? AND the closing was before the fire inspector gave them a Certificate of Occupancy..??  I could go on and on with the lies and the deception and the misleading "stab you in the back" tactics that have been going on since January, but I will spare you of that. That will go public soon enough- and will go legal as well. The bottom line is we were given a five year lease extension by our landlord back in January it was already signed by him I just needed to give it to my attorney to look it over and make sure everything was understood and agreed upon.  Before I could even sign it my landlord rescinded his offer stating that he was now quote "in contract to sell the properties". Many of you have known that we had been putting thousands of dollars into the lower level of the wildlife center so that the animals could have bigger exhibits and so that we could have a larger occupancy for visitors. My Landlord knew about these plans and he approved of these plans and he watched me pour my money (and the center's money) into these improvements, with our understanding that we would be staying here for the long haul. He continued to let me pour money into the basement knowing all along that he was selling the properties. So I basically fixed up the basement for him. So now the animals of the wildlife center will not have a home and the center and myself are out thousands of additional dollars. If you have personally visited the wildlife center then you know how magical it is. How fun and educational the birthday parties here are.  And it is home to many neglected animals, animals that have been confiscated and animals that have been abandoned. The animals and I need your help. Please sign this petition and pass it along and please write snowball developments and Brian Ker- The President and CEO of Snowball developments, and please ask them to consider giving the wildlife center a new extended long term lease. The petition will be handed to him but writing him yourself would also be a tremendous help to us!

Thank you all for your support-ALWAYS.

-Joseph D'Angeli - The Wildlife Center

Please sign this petition, and write:

Brian Ker President and CEO - snowball Developments    

325 Midland Owner, LP  c/o  LPC, John Rock   9 Entin Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054

5,501 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!