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Spasite lane Nani i vratite ga njegovoj porodici / Save Nani, the fawn and return him to his family


Hunters and the police took away a motherless baby deer from his home and his foster and now want to put him into a zoo. Their first plan was to slaughter him (as it is the usual practice here), but because of the public reaction the baby was saved. However he is not cared for properly. He has diarrhea and shows signs of stress and fear. He misses his caretaker very much and that feeling is mutual. The struggle to gain him back lasts for more than two weeks. Authorities are not doing their job and it may cost this baby deer's life. Minister of Agriculture can issue an order that will bring Nani back home and there is a legitimate possibility for that however that is not happening even though Nani’s family has requested it. If Nani ends up in a zoo it will seal his life as a captive animal for good. Please help!

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  • Ministarstvo poljoprivrede i zaštite životne sredine
    Snežana Bogosavljević Bošković
  • Vlada Republike Srbije
    Aleksandar Vučić

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