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SNDT: Stop financial exploitation on students

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Respected Sir,
I, Sonali Harisse Gokani, 4th year BBA/LLB student in SNDT Women’s University, am reporting as complaint and also enquiring hereby about matters bothering me since long, related to my studentship in Law School, right from my first admission in 2009 in the course. At that time I had aCertificate of Entry of a Citizen of India, and an Indian Passport with address of Madagascar, the country where I am born. My Mother and three of my direct grand-parents are born and brought up in India respectively and two of them are still resident in Gujarat.
I am known as the only “NRI student” among the University personnel, who is devolved to pay 5times the fees to the University, for which they have no internal written policy nor any proof of Government rule. They firstly made me believe that “it is Government’s rule” when I newly came in the city for admission. But as a Breach of Trust, they subsequently failed prove the same when asked, giving me unfounded postponing, illogical directions and doubtful explanations every time to avoid my approach. I started questioning on this situation right from second year to claim my rights to study under regular Studentship. But failing, I got more documents made, like local bank account, pan card, LIC Policy and flat agreement and submitted them to Mrs Kiran Sharma the I/C Head of Law School respectively, for seeking of regular admission of 4th year, but this attempt wasrejected again after inducing me in a circular illogical information; and the last date of admission arrived.
Mrs Sharma said:
“Take the admission in 5times for the 4th year as well. If you get any right, you will be refunded. We only follow the rules given by Mumbai University. But SNDT is autonomous and has its own rules. And you have to pay 5times because it is Government’s rule”.
Isn’t this fallacious? They claim that I should have a proof of residence but still deny me a regular admission, knowing that the extra charges are considerable and no QUOTA,nor any extra facility is given in exchange, in spite of SNDT being a semi government University. Why so? It is to mention that I am soon obtaining my telephone billing and my Aadhar Card, what else do one require?
Also to note that I have written to several relevant authorities and CPIO of SNDT and UGC under The RTI Act (2005) but not a single reply yet, it’s been more than a month for some. I sincerely request you to help relieve me from this mental and material trouble and guide me on my Rights and the action I can take as they really seem not to co-operate. Also please provide me with answers for the following:
1. What rights and status the previously mentioned Certificate entitles me to?
2. Having all the previously mentioned documents, is the University entitled to treat me as NRI?
3. Is a University entitled to neglect, even refuse transparency to students?
4. Is the University entitled to take extra charges without providing any QUOTA or the like?
4.a) If yes on what basis and for what purpose?
5. Is a University entitled to take extra charges without having internal policy of its own, for the mere reason only 1student is from outside India, how does it matter?
6. Under which Act and Authority respectively is the mistreatment of Students regulated?
7. Under which Government Law is a NRI deemed to pay 5times the fees as the University alleges?
8. Am I entitled to take legal action, claim damages or how do I proceed for the recovering the loss?
9. Is Indian policy made as to discourage the Indian Diaspora from willing to relocate in India, and that too applied on not earning students?
I most respectfully request you to help me identify the authority I should approach, as the procedures are generally long and the five years course would be spent without relief…

Yours truly,

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