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Restore Snapchat to it's previous version

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After Snapchat's update to version users are outraged with the design and system change of the app. Snapchat changed everything and it sucks more than Instagram's newer algorithm so let's sign this petition because Snapchat needs to go back to normal. By signing this petition, you show you agree that:

  • Stories & private/group stories should be returned to their own separate page so they can be viewed in chronological order and played all together
  • Streaks and emojis should be returned to their original placement and size
  • The sending tab should return to reflecting the sequential order of the best friends list
  • Stories should be easily accessible to view

Additionally, the description of the update in the app store was misleading and only talked about updated bitmojis and sharing stories, but did not include information about the changed design and set up of the app. 

Dear Snapchat Creative Team, hopefully we can team up to get rid of this bad design that makes the app hard to use. Snapchat is one of my main platforms of communication and the new update makes it harder to communicate with others (including school related group chats). “If it ain't broke don't fix it” -Bert Lance

Even though Snapchat use declined 34% with top users last year, with the new update, use of the app will decline even more than last year. As a community, we should come together to fix this problem as it has disrupted our use of Snapchat. This way, we can make the app more enjoyable and go back to complaining about other first world problems. Thank you & make sure you sign :)


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