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Remove the new Snapchat location feature for a safer and more private community.

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This new feature is a bad idea for obvious reasons. First, it gives stalkers and pedophiles an easy playing ground. Many parents post snaps of their children including exactly where and when they are found. This is even worse for teenagers, whose parents usually don't directly oversee everything they do, or don't see the danger in this. If a teenager posts a snap of them at any public (or otherwise) place, a stalker could easily go there and follow them home, or worse, assault them. When the stalker finds out where they live, they can easily see when they are alone, and can act then. Teenagers are usually not careful, so this feature can end badly for them. Second, some people don't feel safe knowing they can be find wherever they are, whenever. Yes, there is a ghost feature, but people can be either unaware of where to find it, or simply careless. They may enjoy the feature while not considering the safety risks. Others are aware of the safety risks, but are either naïve that nothing bad can happen or just enjoy the feature too much. Please help me, and the community, solve this safety issue, about which many on the review page have already expressed their concern and displeasure with the feature, and even left Snapchat location feature like I and numerous people that I know have.

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