Make more salmon Bitmoji stickers on Snapchat

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As we all know salmon is a cuisine that is appreciated worldwide and deserves a lot of respect, due to its versatility as it can be prepared in many different ways.  However, I am concerned about how Snapchat has so far ignored this.

There are currently only two Bitmojis that show salmon, yet they're almost identical, which shows the ignorance on behalf of Snapchat.  This is a rejection of diversity and quite frankly disgusts me, because this is a progressive world, yet Snapchat has decided that they would like to hinder this progression through this horrible act.

There are many reasons why this should not only be considered but implemented into the next update of Bitmoji such as the loss of revenue that will be suffered in the long run, when people start catching onto this monstrous deed.  It will not only be lost by Snapchat, but the revenue of Instagram will go up due to the wave of Snapchatters abandoning the app.

However, this can all be prevented with the simple implementation of more salmon Bitmojis into Snapchat.  Chances are that with more salmon in the app, people will actually start changing their preferred app to Snapchat and as we all know, with the increased user base, more money can be made by Snapchat and at very little cost.

In addition to fixing the problem, there should be a formal apology, which would show the amazing community outreach of the Snapchat team and also address an issue that has plagued not only Snapchat but many sites on the internet for years.

I have been an avid supporter of salmon for a long time, and with the popularity only going up, this is the best time to not only help build a better and more equal future but a chance to redeem Snapchats name in the eyes of others.

Please don't let the millions of us who think the same down, because this is a serious issue that needs to be sorted as soon as possible. Join the revolution and don't live to regret your decision.