Keep New Snapchat Update (Read Reasoning)

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Everyone tends to say, "This update is too complicated and it sucks" but petitions need more than just that simple explanation to make a difference.

This update is in no way confusing if you take the time to get used to it. This update is actually quite helpful on behalf of the frustrated users who dislike the "Discover" ads blocking their Story screens, Snapchat has gratefully fixed this for us by adding Stories and regular Snaps on the same screen, so you don't ever have to exit that screen. This new update makes it simpler to create more sophisticated stories, by just clicking on the "Create new story" button. This update really isn't as complicated as people make it.

By clicking on the "Create new story" button, you have access to create 3 different types of stories: a Private story, in which you can choose people to see your story, a Group story, which you can choose people to attend your story--meaning they can post snaps to your story--and a Geo story, which you can choose your location to create a giant group-story that anyone in the location can see. You can even merely tap on the message you want to save in chat, rather than holding it down to save it.

Other than these changes, there isn't anything different about it. The settings are the exact same, the same format, the same locations, everything. The only thing that is actually different, is the fact that you have to click on your ghost face or Bitmoji face in the top left to create a brand new type of story, that's it. Nothing else has changed, so it's completely pointless to throw a fit over the fact that Snapchat was actually made simpler, rather than more complicated.

There also seems to be nothing "new" about the Snapchat app rather than it moved around its already existing functions. No new functions were added. Therefore, it should not be more difficult than what it was. If anything, the person who uses the app makes it more difficult by believing it is. Since no new functions were added, then how is it any more difficult? You still have to click the same amount times to get to the same places, everything seems very straight-forward, and Snapchat even holds your hand through the entire thing. There are explanations beneath each button regarding your Stories, and there are explanations even in the settings if it's not already straight-forward from the beginning.

I hope the people who took the time to read this, have actually thought about the reasoning behind my statement, and choose the same.

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