I want snapchat to undo the update

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I was extremely disturbed when I woke up earlier this week to see hundreds of my friends creepy bitmoji's gazing at me. I felt emotionally and mentally played with. I then had to go on an exhibition to find my friends snapchat stories and for the friends I do not regularly snap it was like trying to drive to the nearest chipotle without google maps... impossible. Then a fear that would make a grown man cry entered my mind. If I am having trouble viewing other people's stories... how are people viewing my story?? I am just like any other 16 year old white girl. Everything I do is for attention. How am I supposed to get the attention I deserve if my friends cannot easily have access to all of my extra-attention-seeking antics. I have not been able to sleep at all this week and after speaking to my colleagues and going on twitter I know now that I am not alone. I am asking the owners of snapchat to remove this update and restore my faith in humanity. The demon who decided this fate is morally corrupt and should be banished from snapchat until they lose all of their streaks. Please support me in making this change.

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