Get rid of the new Snapchat update

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I'm sure anyone and everyone who had Snapchat before the update can agree that the app has gone to complete garbage. The update has made the app extremely dificult and confusing to use, and has made me want to use it less. There are some cool parts about the update; such as how you can see whose story you're going to view before you open it, the option to choose different fonts for text in snaps, the easier one-touch to save images and messages. The update has brought out some nice features, but the layout of it has completed ruined my experience with Snapchat. It is so hard to find people who I just messaged, the stories are in a very strange order, and the update just looks very messy overall. Evan Spiegel is the CEO of Snapchat, and he is aware of the people's hatred towards the new update. But I feel that if we form together and come with enough signatures, we will be able to revert Snapchat back to its original, beautiful self.